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Epoxy garage floor finishings
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Cabinet Staining and Refinishing

Are the cabinets in your home’s kitchen or bathroom looking old and outdated? There is no reason to replace them. Let Jesse's Quality Painting refinish them. We are skilled at breathing life back into old, dingy looking cabinets.

With our many years of experience in cabinet staining and refinishing , we know just how to revitalize your home’s cabinets. Our cabinet staining and refinishing specialists have the skills and vision to make your home’s cabinets look great.

Epoxy Floors

One of the best ways to protect a concrete floor is with the application of an epoxy floor sealer. Concrete floors are porous by nature and allow moisture and stains to seep into them causing damage to the surface. By applying an epoxy floor sealer, you can create an impermeable layer that prevents moisture and staining substances from penetrating.

Jesse's Quality Painting  is highly qualified in the proper application of epoxy floor sealers to cement floors. We will gladly come to your home or business and discuss the best options for an epoxy sealer to give you a floor that will perform properly and last for a long time.

At Jesse's Quality Painting , quality products ensures that you get an epoxy floor sealing that will look great as well as last for a long time. That is why we use the high-quality products from such manufacturers as Rust Oleum, Behr, Seal Krete, and Sherwin Williams. These products have proven to give a reliable and durable epoxy floor sealing. Our experienced staff will be able to analyze which product is the best product for your specific application.

To learn more about the benefits of an epoxy floor sealer applied by Jesse's Quality Painting , give us a call today at 1-800- PAINTER

What is Faux?
Faux is the French word for false. Faux finishing is a form of decorative painting that seeks to reproduce the look of real stone, marble or wood with paint. Faux finishing was first used extensively in the 17th Century, in the castles of Europe. By the 19th Century, decorative painters were in high demand as they decorated homes with trompe l'oeil, marbleizing, stenciling and all manner of glazes and patinas. A few turn of the century homes still display some of this original decorative painting.

Custom Faux Painting, Faux Finishing, and Decorative Painting by Jesse's Quality Painting
Turn an ordinary room into a visual showcase with faux painting and decorative painting from Jesses Quality Painting . From walls, ceilings, and floors to cabinets, furniture, and accessories, Jesse uses custom decorative hand faux finishes to enhance any room or object. Whether for your home or business, he can transform both interior and exterior spaces, delivering superior craftsmanship and professionalism to every project. Only the highest quality, environmentally-friendly materials, for the professional artisan, are used in his faux finishing work. Whether you enjoy subtle designs or strong visual impact, traditional or contemporary, Jesse can create a masterpiece in your home or office.

Brief overview of how to paint an interior of a house.

Take down window blinds, and remove switch-plates and outlets.
Move all furniture to the middle of the room and cover it with plastic.
Use tarps or plastic to cover floors as well.
Fix cracks and holes with latex caulk and drywall compound.
Apply two coats of paint. Wait till the paint is completely dry before applying the second coat.

Brief overview of how to paint an exterior of a house.

To provide good adhesion of the paint to the surface wash the entire house with a pressure washer.
Scrape loose paint.
Fix cracks and holes.
Mask windows,doors and cover driveways,walks,decks and plants around the house.
Spray the body of the house and inside of the trim. Wait till the paint dries and put second coat of paint. Outside part of the trim is usually painted by hand with a brush or roller in order not to get any over spray on the roof tile.